2015, Xuduan implemented the new organization structure and three SBUs were created based on products lines and functions: 1) Intelligent Press & Punch Division which focuses on servo high-speed and Precision Press, 2) CNC Press & Punch Division which focuses on CNC and large stroke H type Press, and 3) Structure Components Division which focuses on the improvements of structure components, machining process and painting technology.

2014, through producing-studying-researching platform to release domestic first multi-link servo press DPS4L-600, suitable for super-high strength steel and hot forming technology, can be completely instead of the imported products, which is the important way to speed up the process of lightweight of automobile , ascendant with great wide market prospect.

2013, Most of products have been certified by CE.

2013, the JK36 series efficient industrial motor iron core automatic stamping line was identified as national key new products.

2010, ally Huazhong University of Science and Technology set up Jiangsu Province Enterprises Academician Workstation, and then set up Jiangsu Province Postdoctoral Research Station

2007, confirmed as one of the first innovation-based pilot enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

2005, passed the examinations of Environmental Assurance System and Occupation Health Safety Management System

2001, passed the examination of ISO9001 Quality System.

1995, confirmed as state-owned large-scale industrial enterprise.

1988, awarded State Second Level Enterprise.

1964, began to manufacture C type mechanical press in batch and was awarded one of national first-batch appointed mechanical press manufacturing enterprises by original Ministry of Machine-Building Industry.

1951, Tongpei Iron Factory founded, which as predecessor of XUZHOU METALFORMING MAHCINE GROUP CO.,LTD