Xuzhou Metalforming Machine Group Co., Ltd (xuduan)., founded as early as 1951, with 600 staffs and 60 professional technicians, covers an area of 250,000 square meters with construction area of 150,000 square meters; with assets of 400 million Yuan.

At present, the typical completed solutions of stamping lines for Bar Feeder Transfer Press, Motor Stator & Rotor, Auto Filter, Brake Pads, Chairs, Motor Shell, TV Back Boards, Refrigerator Plates, and Servo Press Hot Forming Production Line for high strength steel of car, and etc. And main products contain Servo Press, High Speed Precision Press, C Type /H type Mechanical Press, servo decoiler feeder, and stamping dies.

Xuduan’s ongoing efforts are appraised by its customers, partners and even competitors, while its image, brand, and social influences are broadly well recognized. The new Xuduan, developing the blue ocean strategy to avoid red sea competition, will continue to adhere to the management policy of “more perfect and more professional", and will keep moving to its strategic goal that is to become the first-class intelligent metalforming equipment system integrators.

In 2015, Xuduan implemented the new organization structure and three SBUs were created based on products lines and functions: 1) Intelligent Press & Punch Division which focuses on servo high-speed and Precision Press, 2) CNC Press & Punch Division which focuses on CNC and large stroke H type Press, and 3) Structure Components Division which focuses on the improvements of structure components, machining process and painting technology.